A new way to get your vitamins


RUSTON, La. (KNOE) – There’s a new procedure gaining popularity for getting your vitamins that has arrived in Ruston. People put them through an IV bag.

Jamie Roberts, co-owner of The Drip Bar, says the process is safe and handled by licensed professionals.

“So all of our medications, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, they’re carried by what’s called normal saline which is fluid,” Robers said. “We employ AIs that do the mixing, they do the administration.”

Client Nathan Scheer was getting his IV and said it was an easy process.

“Getting the IV wasn’t bad. It was very easy and gentle. So it didn’t hurt at all. that, you really can’t feel anything,” Scheer said.

There is a mix of supplements for almost everything.

“We have some that are focused on sports performance, we have some for energy, others for reducing anxiety and relaxation. We have some that can improve symptoms if you’re having too much of a good time,” Roberts explained.

Most vitamin supplement blends cost between $89 and $179. There are some that cost more, supplements for those going through chemotherapy and needing to see the internal doctor at the Bar.

But Scheer hopes the intravenous mix will make it easier for people to get needed vitamins rather than having to go to a pharmacy.

“I tend to have low potassium, which you can’t go to the pharmacy and take. So that’s something I could do to complement that,” Scheer said.

The drip bar is just one more way to get your daily dose of vitamins!


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