COVID-19 drugs causing side effects, no antibiotics without medical consultation: RMRC study


In a first for the country, Bhubaneswar Regional Medical Research Center (RMRC) has found in its new study that drugs used to treat COVID-19 patients cause side effects that no one should take antibiotics for without a doctor’s prescription.

According to study reports, the antibiotics used to treat Covid likely destroy “good” bacteria in the body. As a result, “bad” bacteria in the throat directly enter the lungs, which can cause lung disease.

The RMRC study report was published by the leading health magazine “Nature”.

The research center conducted a study including several Covid patients who were in home isolation and were treated with antibiotic drugs. Although patients have recovered from Corona, the antibiotics used to treat Covid-damaged ‘good’ bacteria in the throat and the number of ‘bad’ bacteria have increased.

Swab samples from patients taking antibiotics for Covid were tested by the researchers at 15-day intervals for a month. However, it was found that new “healthy” bacteria were not generated for a month. Moreover, the generation of “unhealthy” bacteria multiplied over time, the research report states.

Although patients recovered from Covid, ‘bad’ bacteria that entered the lungs through the throat caused side effects.

However, the director of public health said antibiotic use has increased as Covid poses a new threat, but the side effects, according to the RMRC report, will not last long.

“Covid was a completely new threat to all of us. We didn’t have enough data. Usually there is no role of antibiotics for viral diseases. Curing patients with drugs took some time , but the use of antibiotics has escalated. However, the reports of side effects after the use of antibiotics will not last long,” said Dr. Niranjan Mishra, Director of Public Health.

On the other hand, health experts suggest that no one should take antibiotics without doctor’s consultation and prescription. Above all, the use of antibiotics should be avoided for a cold.

“Unnecessary use of antibiotics should be avoided. Not only the healthy bacteria present in the throat but also in the intestine will be damaged after the use of antibiotics. As a result, the number of pathogenic bacteria will also increase,” said said Dr. Niraj Mishra, health expert.

The availability of antibiotics on the open market has raised issues such as the use of these without consulting doctors. Health experts believe that restrictions should be implemented on such open availability of antibiotics.

Reported by Jagdish Das


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