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(StatePoint) While you may already understand the importance of keeping medications safe and out of the reach of toddlers, you may not treat your vitamins and other supplements with as much care. Experts warn that these products also pose safety risks and should be kept out of the way and out of the sight and reach of young children.

“We’ve seen this play out recently with melatonin supplements. Recent data shows that between 2012 and 2021, the annual number of pediatric melatonin ingestions increased by more than 500%, with approximately 220,000 ingestions by young children reported to US poison control centers. Pediatric hospitalizations and more serious outcomes have also increased, largely due to an increase in unintended ingestions of melatonin,” says Mary Leonard, CEO of the Consumer Healthcare Product Association (CHPA) Educational Foundation. “Like medication, you take vitamins and supplements to feel better, but they can be dangerous if left out and within reach of children at home.”

To keep children safe, the CHPA Educational Foundation, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-led PROTECT Initiative’s Up and Away Campaign, reminds families that safe storage of medications also includes vitamins and d other supplements. To avoid accidental ingestion, keep all medications, vitamins, and other supplements, including those in gummy form, out of sight and out of reach of young children. The following tips can help you:

• Store medications, vitamins and other supplements (including those carried in purses, bags, pockets or pill boxes) in a safe place too high for young children to reach or see.

• Never leave medications or vitamins on a counter, table or at the bedside of a sick child.

• At home or away, keep medications in childproof containers until ready to take them.

• Always lock the safety cap on bottles. If it has a locking cap that turns, turn it until you can’t turn it anymore or until you hear the “click”.

• Teach children about medicines and vitamins and why you or another caregiver should give them to them.

• Never tell children that medicine or vitamins are candy for them to take, even if your child doesn’t like to take their medicine.

• Remind babysitters, guests, and visitors that purses, bags, or jackets containing medications or vitamins should be kept out of sight and out of sight while they are in your home.

• Keep the Poison Help number on all your phones: (800) 222-1222 or text POISON TO 797979 to have it automatically saved.

For additional tips, safety information, and resources for spreading these messages, visit

“Children are curious by nature, always putting their little hands in something they shouldn’t. We can’t stop their curious minds, but we can protect them by keeping medications, vitamins and supplements out of their sight and reach,” Leonard says.


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