Shortage of antibiotics leaves many Romanians without prescribed medication


Romanians looking to fill their drug prescriptions are forced to go from pharmacy to pharmacy in search of the right kind of pills due to a shortage of antibiotics.

Antibiotics have been hard to find in Romanian pharmacies since December. Although alternative medications are available, most people seeking antibiotics are prescribed a specific type by their doctor. An alternative drug would therefore be far from ideal.

“Unfortunately, we are facing a growing shortage of antibiotics, both in tablet and suspension form for children,” said Adriana Opris, a pharmacist, as quoted by Digi24. “We receive them in the morning and in the afternoon we have no more stock,” she added.

Pharmacies say their supplies are empty, despite constant requests for more antibiotics. “Too many medicines are missing, and it is very difficult to work and ensure adequate medication for people in these conditions,” said Dr. Elena Dinte, president of the Order of Pharmacists of Cluj.

One drug affected by the shortage is the generic antibiotic amoxicillin. Doctors regularly prescribe it to children who develop bacterial infections, pneumonia, and other types of infections.

To address the shortage of drugs, the Romanian National Medicines Agency contacted the drug manufacturers and asked for transparency regarding future antibiotic deliveries. According to information obtained from producers, there are no supply chain disruptions that would prevent new drugs from reaching the shelves. However, authorities admit that the existing quantities of antibiotics are low.

Drug shortages occur due to manufacturing difficulties, problems affecting drug quality, or spikes in demand. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has reported several ongoing shortages specific drugs. Among them is Zerbaxa, an antibiotic used to treat urinary tract and intra-abdominal infections. However, overall there is no shortage of antibiotics in the EU.

Meanwhile, residents of Romanian counties like Sibiu or Alba, among others, are forced to constantly scour pharmacies for antibiotics.

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