Superdrug freezes prices of vitamins, own-brand cold and flu products


Following a series of recent value moves during the cost of living crisis, Superdrug has now announced that it is freezing the prices of all of its vitamins, supplements and cough, cold and flu relief products until in March 2023.

Superdrug has already frozen the prices of more than 5,000 own brand lines and beauty essentials in its stores as consumers grapple with rising energy and food costs. The retailer said its latest price freeze is designed to help families meet their health and immunity needs throughout the winter season.

Simon Comins, Chief Commercial Officer of Superdrug, said: “Accessible health is a core value at Superdrug. We understand how important it is for our customers to stay healthy and protect their families during cough and cold season. Helping them understand where they can get the best value for money without compromising on the quality of medications and vitamins is essential. Therefore, we are adding more products to our price freeze so that we can help customers protect their health against winter in the coming months.

The retailer noted that with the prices of all essentials rapidly rising, shoppers can save up to 50% by replacing brand name drugs with Superdrug’s own brand items.

NAM implications:
  • ‘best value for money and without compromising on the quality of the drugs’
  • A double whammy for brand suppliers:
    • No brand premium
    • Remember that Own Label = brand quality
  • A need to highlight what differentiates your brand?

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