The company behind “FLO Vitamins” is entering the vaginal health space with a new science-based collection of vaginal probiotics and urinary tract supplements


The URO collection helps promote a balanced vaginal biome for optimal health and comfort

LOS ANGELES, September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Women’s Health Brand O Positive enters the vaginal health space with its latest collection of URO supplements, which launches today. Non-GMO, vegan, and major allergen-free vaginal (URO VP) and urinary (URO UT) probiotic capsules are intended to support overall vaginal balance, contributing to vaginal and urinary tract health.

“As someone prone to recurrent UTIs, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce the URO collection to the world,” said the O Positiv co-founder. Brianna Bitton. “There are many disruptive issues that come with the territory of being a woman, which we are often told to ‘deal with’, and I have never liked that. O Positiv is here to bring a sense of relief and transparency by creating quality solutions that women can consume with confidence and see positive differences – URO does just that.”

The URO collection includes:

  • Vaginal probiotic capsules (URO VP): A proprietary synbiotic blend (5 billion CFU) with five strains of bacteria found in women’s vaginal tract to support a more balanced vaginal biome for everyday comfort and confidence. URO VP helps maintain healthy pH and yeast levels, while helping with digestion and vaginal odor. Two URO VP capsules should be taken once daily with water for best results.
  • Urinary tract capsules (URO UT): An antibiotic-free solution backed by clinical studies Pacran® Cranberry Extract, D-Mannose and Vitamin C to promote optimal urinary tract health. Best-in-class URO UT ingredients help maintain healthy levels of bacteria in the urinary tract and promote urinary frequency. According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), evidence shows that by consuming 500 mg per day of a cranberry-based dietary supplement, healthy women who have had a urinary tract infection (UTI ) may reduce their risk of recurrent UTIs. Two URO UT capsules should be taken once daily with water for best results.

“Vaginal health is so important and requires the maintenance of vaginal flora. Vaginal probiotics are useful when it comes to long-term benefits, in addition to the urinary tract, as they can restore urogenital flora in individuals and help create better results,” said medical advisor O Positiv and Dr. OB/GYN. Jessica Berger. “The body has pH balances in all areas, including the vagina and bladder, and in order to optimize the pH in the vagina, probiotics can help maintain a healthy environment.”

O Positiv was the first brand to address the lack of hormone-free PMS aids on the market with its science-backed vitamin gummy, FLO. Following the rapid success of FLO, the company has since expanded its product portfolio to include supplements that identify additional gaps in women’s health such as menopause, metabolism, skincare and digestion. O Positiv’s current product portfolio includes MENO Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief Capsules, MOTO Metabolism Boosting Capsules, RETRO Glow Skin Gummies, GOGO Pre + Probiotic Fiber Powder and more.

URO’s VP and UT capsules are each available in a single bottle (30 servings/ $31.99), with the possibility of purchase via a subscription model (30 servings / $26.99). To learn more, please visit and follow @urovitamin and @opositiv on Instagram.

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O Positiv leads the women’s health industry and creates innovative products to address real, common issues faced by women of all ages. With a deep belief that small changes add up to big results, O Positiv radiates positivity through tiny opportunities to enjoy more health. Whether contributing to a good day, month or year, O Positiv delivers meaningful health results through small moments of joy and self-care. The company’s current range of scientific supplements are available for purchase at

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