The delay claimed by the prisoner to obtain antibiotics is disputed


The Department of Corrections said an Invercargill remand inmate who said it took three weeks to get antibiotics, nearly causing him to lose his leg, was given the necessary medication a day after the illness was detected. ‘infection.

Corey Campbell (39) appeared in Invercargill District Court on Thursday where Judge John Brandts-Giesen sentenced him to seven months and one week house arrest on five counts of driving while he was disqualified, for not having given a blood sample, for driving a vehicle causing injury. , loss of traction suffered, possession of cannabis, possession of two Tasers and breach of bond.

In submissions at sentencing, Campbell’s attorney, Keith Owen, said Campbell broke his leg after crashing into oncoming traffic.

While on remand in prison, Campbell’s leg became infected.

“It took the prison three weeks to get him antibiotics. He almost lost his leg,” Mr Owen said.

He requested that Campbell be sentenced to house arrest so he could access continued medical treatment.

South Region Corrections Director of Health Operations Jill Thomson said yesterday that health staff were made aware of Campbell’s injuries before he arrived at Invercargill Prison.

“As usual, he was assessed upon arrival. Health staff performed daily assessments and he was transported to all outpatient medical appointments on the scheduled days,” she said.

It was while Campbell was at one of her outpatient appointments that the infection was detected, and within 24 hours the pharmacy had filled the prescription, she said.

“He then received his medication at the prescribed times.”

Judge Brandts-Giesen also banned Campbell from driving for 18 months and ordered him to pay $3,000 in damages.

He also ordered the Taser, drugs and paraphernalia destroyed and handed over $4,566.30 in unpaid fines.

KAREN PASCO PIJF court reporter


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