The post-pandemic world of COVID-19 antibiotics –


Antibiotics are inexpensive and commonly used drugs to treat bacterial infections. The use of antibiotics during the pandemic has reached catastrophic proportions – they are prescribed in 90% of cases, while only 10% of patients who develop bacterial complications need them.

Antibiotics are cheap

Naturally, in the beginning, doctors grabbed whatever information they had about the effectiveness of any drug that might be helpful. Most of the information came from China. The information came mainly from China, where a few early studies were conducted on a very small number of patients. Naturally, it was very difficult to fully trust them. Doctors treated more intuitively.

According to some reports, after the pandemic there will be three to four times more bacteria resistant to antibiotics, some say 50% more. At the same time, the purpose of antibiotics is to kill the bacteria that cause a particular disease.

Amoxil drug

The appearance on the market of amoxicillin protected with clavulanic acid, which is produced by one of the domestic leaders in the production of antibacterial drugs, is difficult to overestimate, since antibiotics are one of the main classes of drugs, without which modern medicine is simply unthinkable.

However, even if the nomenclature of this class of drugs today includes a very wide range, mankind will always need new antibacterial drugs. The reason for this is the ability of microorganisms to develop resistance to antibiotics. Adults and children weighing more than 40 kg should take Amoxil 250-500 mg 3 times a day or 500-1000 mg 2 times a day.


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