Thug left girlfriend in need of antibiotics after biting her nose at party


A thug who left his girlfriend in need of antibiotics after biting her nose at a party is facing jail time.

Cameron Johnson launched the attack as the pair were in Newcastle city center one evening in August last year. The 28-year-old was then seen dragging the terrified victim down the street before she managed to break free and flee, a to research understood.

The woman went to the hospital the next morning with scabs and redness on her nose and was prescribed a course of antibiotics, prosecutors said. Johnson, of Henry Street, Redcar, Cleveland, was arrested and appeared at Newcastle Magistrates Court Wednesday to plead guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

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Sarah Malkinson, prosecuting, said Johnson and his girlfriend were enjoying a night out in Newcastle city center on August 24 last year when things took a violent turn. Ms Malkinson added: “This is a domestic incident. The accused grabbed his girlfriend’s face and bit her nose at a night out in Newcastle.

“He started dragging her down the street as a result, but she managed to break free and run away. She went to hospital the next morning and had a scab on her nose and redness and received antibiotics to help.”

Magistrates were told Johnson had other outstanding cases, to which he had already pleaded guilty, against the same victim at Teesside Crown Court. Adrian Ions, defending, said the case should also be sent to Teesside so Johnson can be dealt with for everything together.

Mr Ions added: “There is a huge amount to be said about this case but I imagine it will go to Crown Court. There are guilty pleas in Crown Court for similar allegations with the same injured party. Solicitors at Teesside Crown Court are awaiting this case.”

Magistrates agreed to send Johnson back to Teesside Crown Court for sentencing. Freeing him on full bail, bench chairman Win Clayton said: ‘If you don’t show up for court on November 23 at 10 a.m. you will be committing an offence, do you understand?’

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