Urge restaurants to source meat raised without overusing antibiotics


Posted: 06/13/2022 1:49:14 PM

Modified: 06/13/2022 13:46:57

I’m a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College, a neuroscience major, and a public health intern with US PIRG this summer. I grew up on a farm in southern New Hampshire where good breeding was our top priority. A big part of that involved only treating animals with antibiotics when absolutely necessary.

You can help keep these drugs working by urging major meat buyers, like fast food companies, to only source meat raised without overuse of antibiotics. An estimated 162,000 people die each year in the United States from drug-resistant infections, and that death toll will rise without prompt action to reduce antibiotic use.

When meat producers misuse antibiotics in their livestock, drug-resistant bacteria can grow, spread off the farm and infect people with life-threatening diseases.

McDonald’s is the largest buyer of beef in the world. If McDonalds started sourcing beef from farms that don’t overuse antibiotics, the franchise could have an incredibly positive effect on this pressing public health issue. The company has already stopped serving chicken raised with antibiotics considered important to human medicine, and it has pledged to reduce the use of antibiotics in its beef supply in 2018, but has yet to make a commitment. followed up.

Urge McDonald’s and other large restaurants to stop sourcing beef from producers who abuse antibiotics. If we don’t act quickly, the simplest infections could turn deadly.

Fionna Kennedy

Wilton, NH


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