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11:45 am September 10, 2022

Have you tried and tested a range of medications and supplements to reduce your menopausal symptoms, but with no success?

Melissa Neisler Dickinson, Founder of vitamin company for menopause, faced the same challenges on her own journey through menopause. “I was 49 at the time, suffering from debilitating migraines, moodiness, hot flashes, night sweats, joint pain, brain fog, crippling anxiety and sleep deprivation,” he tells us. -she. “No one had prepared me for this and I had lost all direction and who I was. It was a really difficult time and completely took over my life.

“I started researching possible solutions to help relieve my symptoms and found the website of Dr Louise Newson, one of the UK’s leading menopause experts. This encouraged me to give it a try. hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which did wonders to alleviate many of the issues I was dealing with.

Although relieved to have found a treatment that reduced some of her symptoms, Melissa still struggled with low energy, low mood, thinning hair, weakened nails and dry skin.

Determined to find a solution to these remaining problems, she set out to research, try and test natural vitaminsminerals and plants that might help her.

The Vibrancy Blend has been produced with the help of leading UK nutritionists and UK based manufacturers.
– Credit: The Menopause Vitamin Company

“I finally settled on 26 of the best ingredients that really worked for me, but it seemed unrealistic for women to expect to buy and consume so many on a daily basis,” says Melissa. “Why couldn’t there be a daily supplement that helps improve energy, hair, skin, nails, joints, mood and more? And that’s why my company was born.

Below, we talk with Melissa about her menopause supplement, the Vibrancy Blend, and how it can help boost nutritional support during menopause.

Q: What is Vibrancy Blend Menopause Supplement?

A: The mix of dynamism is a combination of 26 vitamins, minerals and pure herbs in a once-daily supplement. It was created for women in perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause. The product has been made with the help of leading UK nutritionists and UK based manufacturers.

It is designed to act as a nutritional supplement alongside other lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet and HRT. I’m not a medical professional – I’m just a passionate menopausal woman who wants to help others who, like me, have gone through similar struggles on their menopausal journey. I would recommend anyone speak to their GP, menopause specialist or healthcare professional if they have any concerns.

Melissa Dickinson, founder of The Menopause Vitamin Company, which sells menopause supplements to improve women's health

Melissa founded The Menopause Vitamin Company to create a unique supplement that included all the ingredients needed to improve women’s health during their journey through menopause.
– Credit: The Menopause Vitamin Company

Q: What results can I expect from taking the Vibrancy Blend supplement?

A: The supplement is designed to increase energy, strengthen nails, promote hair growth and thickness, and may improve hydration levels and skin radiance. It also includes ingredients that may help improve the health of your joints, teeth, immune system, mood, gums, and quality of sleep.

Our skin, nails and hair grow in different cycles, but as we age these cycles get longer – to see the full benefits I would recommend taking it for at least three months as part of your daily routine .

Q: Can Vibrancy Blend be taken with HRT?

A: Yes, as long as they are taken in the correct dosage and you should check with your GP or healthcare professional first – especially if you are under 18, pregnant or taking any medications. other drugs. My supplements do not contain high levels of plant estrogens such as red clover, black cohosh, soy and ginkgo biloba which can interfere with HRT.

Q: How often should I take the Vibrancy Blend supplement?

A: Both capsules should be taken once daily with food. I recommend you take them with your evening meal to improve your sleep. There are 30 capsules per container, which is a month’s supply. I would suggest taking the supplements for at least 3 months and beyond to start seeing optimal results.

The Vibrancy Blend from The Menopause Vitamin Company to help relieve symptoms of menopause.

Melissa recommends exercising regularly, staying hydrated, reducing alcohol intake, and maintaining a healthy diet to relieve menopausal symptoms.
– Credit: The Menopause Vitamin Company

Q: Will this supplement stop my night sweats and hot flashes?

A: No, this product is not designed to prevent hot flashes or sweating. For these symptoms, I would recommend consider HRT and contact your GP or healthcare professional who can advise you further on this and alternative methods for those who cannot take HRT.

Q: What advice would you give to women who are currently going through menopause?

A: Be sure to exercise regularly at least two to three times a week (low impact cardio is best), or do weight-bearing exercises, drink plenty of water, limit your intake of alcohol and maintain a healthy diet with a nutritional supplement. Meditation and yoga can also have calming effects on your body and reduce your stress levels during menopause.

I would also consider HRT as it really helps with hot flashes and night sweats – something a supplement can’t really do. If you cannot take HRT, your GP or healthcare professional can offer you alternative medicines and support.

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