Audrey Ross, Senior National Educator at Country Life Vitamins


Dr. Ross has worked for years to break the taboo around women’s health and close the gender gap in wellness. She co-authored a book on managing female hormones in 2000 – a subject considered taboo by many at the time. She said women today are simply more comfortable discussing their health.

“When you think about what traditional medicine was talking about, it was kind of pushed aside. So, in 2000, when I co-wrote this book, it was still a bit taboo to talk about it, but the women were starting to ask questions like ‘how come I feel like this?’ or ‘what’s going on with my body?’ or ‘what can I do?’ And what’s really exciting and why I love Country Life as a company is because we’re always thinking ahead when it comes to products and we’ve come out with this new line for women, so I was so excited to be able to work on that because of the research I did on the book and looking at the women now they’re much more comfortable discussing some of their challenges because it’s become mainstream and that social media has also helped with this.

Beyond women’s health, Dr. Ross has witnessed an evolution across the natural products industry over the past three decades.

“When I started as a naturopath, it was not a common term”,said Dr. Ross. “And there’s been such a big shift in people learning more about it and what it really means. It’s about helping people heal in a more natural way. So the evolution over the past 30 years has been phenomenal and it’s like we’re finally coming to the understanding that naturopathic medicine and allopathic medicine can work together and complement each other. So it’s really exciting for me now.


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