Made4 Vitamins launches UK subscription service


Aiming to bring together nutritional science and technological advancements, Made4 Vitamins introduces its latest service in the UK, which offers consumers personalized vitamin subscriptions. The brand aims to deliver efficiency to individual consumers by creating uniquely blended vitamin packets.

The pursuit of positive health and well-being is a critical priority for consumers, who are increasingly seeking the nutritional benefits of the foods and beverages they choose. Obtaining these benefits in a convenient way while living a busy life further expands the space of supplements. As a result, brands are looking for new, easy-to-adopt, on-the-go ways for consumers to access supplements.

Discover and understand health supplements

Speaking to NutraIngredients about what inspired its new service, Line Vivier, director of marketing at Made4 Vitamins, said the brand was created after a recent study by market intelligence firm Mintel found that around a quarter of people in the UK don’t know which vitamins they should be taking, with nearly 40% admitting to never taking any vitamins or supplements to help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

Made4 Vitamins aims to demystify the complex world of health supplements. The brand wants to help people understand how the right combination of vitamins tailored to their specific needs can help impact their health and well-being.

“Consumers are looking for results from their vitamin routines, which they don’t always see with generic multivitamins because the amounts of ingredients included are often not enough to see a real impact,” Vivier said.

Made4 Vitamins aims to target a millennial audience with its subscription service but Vivier confirms that it is open to welcoming anyone wishing to join its community, and adds: “We believe the wellness space should aim to encourage health and happiness for all.”

Personalized selection of vitamins

Users can personalize their vitamin selections by taking Made4 Vitamins’ questionnaire on its website, which seeks to recommend vitamins based on users’ personal needs. “Our simple quiz asks you a series of questions about your current lifestyle and your health and wellness goals to identify the combination of vitamins and supplements you need to see real results,” Vivier said.

Along with specially designed personal plans, Made4 Vitamins relies on an in-house team of nutritional, pharmaceutical and medical experts to design a collection of ten pre-made vitamin and supplement packs. The vitamin selection is designed to focus on skin, energy, focus, performance, sleep, immunity support, beauty, gut health, balance and vitality.

After subscribing to their selected supplement subscription package, customers will receive a 28-day supply of their personalized vitamin pack delivered to their doorstep. Sent monthly, Made4 Vitamins organizes supplements and packs into daily sachets designed for on-the-go consumption.

“[Consumers] are also looking for simplicity and convenience, which our website aims to bring to them with useful and clear information, an easy-to-follow quiz and a convenient subscription service”, Comments from Viver.

Made4 Vitamins declares that its supplements are non-genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and cruelty-free. The brand also confirms that it carries out safety and quality checks throughout its supply chain.

Commenting on the impact the brand hopes to have on the UK vitamin subscription service, Vivier adds: “We hope to disrupt the UK vitamin subscription market with a game-changing service and create a welcoming community that embraces everyone.”


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