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State panels to monitor antibiotic use in aquaculture

India time | 2 days ago | 2022-08-20 | 04:31

Panaji: To reduce the use of banned antibiotics in aquaculture, the state has formed a District Level Committee (DLC) and Task Force Committee (TFC) to take strict action against violators. If found with veterinary grade I prohibited aquatic products, the TFC will seize the same and impose a fine of Rs 25,000 as a first offence. In the event of a second offence, the offender is liable to a fine of Rs 50,000, cancellation of the aqua shop license and prosecution. The TFC is authorized to carry out frequent raids and random checks on all stores, manufacturing units and companies and suppliers of drugs, probiotics, chemicals, feeds, food supplements, farms, hatcheries, etc., and to check. They are also authorized to act on the unauthorized possession of the products. The TFC will ensure that only Coastal Aquaculture Authority (CAA) registered products are sold alone in aquashops and that aquashops do not sell veterinary grade products. They will also encourage aquatic grade drugs registered with the CAA only. TFC will also take random samples from different aqua shops and send the sealed samples to the drug control authority and food safety services or any other government institute for analysis and report for further action. They will also inspect if proper labeling is done on the product with information, such as product name, product net weight, composition, date of manufacture, expiry date, maximum retail price of the product, etc. . They are also authorized to send proposals for the establishment of quality control laboratories to carry out screening tests for antibiotic residues in the tissues of aquatic products. They will also educate manufacturers, suppliers, traders and aqua shops to register their products with the CAA.

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