The Vitamins Your Body Needs and Gets Them From the Sun: Pills Are Not Necessary


You already know the effect of many vitamins on us Body and in our skin, and various foods that help us obtain or synthesize them more easily. However, we now know that Not all vitamins are obtained through nutrition. In the case of vitamin D, the sources of obtaining are very different.

vitamin with hormonal action

loss Level World this vitamin means that we are practically talking about a Epidemic, That is why many studies analyze the behavior of this vitamin in our body. Research has shown that vitamin D resembles her behavior hormonesWhich performs many functions in our body.

The natural source of obtaining vitamin D, unlike other vitamins that we obtain through the nutrients we consume, is the synthesis of solar radiation through the skin. another one, fish oil It is also considered a good ally to increase the reserves of this vitamin in the body.

Why do we need vitamin D?

The most remarkable of all the functions of vitamin D in our body is to ensure a good bone healthand that this vitamin is essential for calcium metabolism And that phosphorus keep something else bones And one The teeth powerful. On the other hand, it also plays an important role in strengthening our immune system,

The Great Vitamin D Epidemic

being a vitamin which is not abundant in natural foods and which increases sunscreen and less risk The UV radiation due to the risk of skin cancerDermal synthesis is insufficient, leading to its deficiency micronutrients among the world’s population. He has advised many health professionals Provisions Until restoring and maintaining normal levels in the body of this vitamin.

In the same way, food thrives in the market Prosperous with this vitamin. In less sunny countries, vitamin D is found in many forms, including chewing gum. However, this form of supplementation may have some limitations.

Limitations in the consumption of vitamin D supplements

On the one hand, there is no consensus on whether the price Vitamin D must be taken as a supplement. It is also not known if these supplements Adapted for the whole population.

Vitamin D is not water soluble fat soluble), which shall not be terminated by urineIt is a problem if we accumulate excess vitamin D in the body and, in turn, cause excess vitamin D. soccer in the blood, a condition known as hypercalcemiawhich can seriously affect kidney already bones,

And Regular monitoring of vitamin D levels Going through blood test In each case, vitamin D supplementation should be limited or increased.


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