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Surprisingly, the antibiotics we take for better health actually make it drug resistant (“Unapproved Antibiotics”). The fact that drugs used for treatment in the private sector have not received approval from the drug regulatory body is alarming. Who is at fault? The government turns a blind eye to public health. A stricter system of controls and checks should be put in place as soon as possible. Formulations can be verified at manufacturing sites. Labeling must be done because consumers have the right to be informed of the authorization of medicinal products. India is one of the major producers of generic drugs, but their quality should not be compromised.

Asha Rani, Yamunanagar

Prohibited drugs

With reference to “Unapproved Antibiotics”; many banned drugs are readily available in the market. Banned antibiotics can have serious side effects. There seems to be a link between the pharmaceutical companies and the health authorities. Recently, the Dolo scam was discovered, in which gigantic commissions were given to doctors for referral. Sometimes avoidable tests are ordered by doctors. The health sector needs special attention from governments to protect citizens from these pharmaceutical giants.

Dilwar Ali Meerak, Tohana

F-16 for Pakistan

On “US accepts $450 million F-16 package for Pakistan”, the ordinary man of flood-hit Pakistan needs grains, vegetables and life-saving medicines at affordable rates, not F-16. Obviously Biden’s USA is killing several birds with his F-16 stone. It keeps its fighter jet industry alive and wins and encourages Pakistan to maintain its anti-India stance – a divide and conquer strategy. He is also trying to suppress India’s global march. The excuse that the United States is trying to help Pakistan fight terrorism lacks credibility. Former President Donald Trump had stopped all aid to Pakistan on the grounds that it was insincere in its fight against terrorism.

KL Noatay, Kangra

On the way to Kartavya

Refer to the ‘Chapter on the end of slavery…’; it’s a case of better late than never. The renaming of Rajpath to Kartavya Path is fair and in line with the prevailing system where people elect their representatives to run the country. Leaders, in turn, must embark on the path of fulfilling their kartavya with responsibility and responsiveness to the needs and aspirations of the people. Hope Kartavya Path will be an inspiration and a reminder for elected officials to work for the progress of the country.

Krishan Kant Sood, Nangal

Don’t negotiate with the poor

Refer to the middle “The Daily Struggle for Survival”; the facts cited by the author are a revelation to all, especially to government agencies. Although the situation has improved to some extent over the years, it may still be similar in other areas. As privileged members of society, we can adopt a “no bargaining” policy with street vendors. By doing this, we will eliminate the need to go to slum/disadvantaged children’s centers for charitable purposes.

Narendra Singhal, Panchkula

Flaws in ‘Bharat Jodo’

After Rajiv Gandhi’s Bharat Yatra in 1990, “Bharat Jodo Yatra” is the largest mass program in Congress. But there are some problems. Excluding states like Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh from the path of the yatra, despite upcoming elections, makes little sense. Secondly, not including the name, symbol or slogan of the party which organizes the yatra in the distributed brochures is an unintelligent decision. Rahul Gandhi as the face of the yatra, even when the selection of the new party chairman is underway, may not be appropriate. ‘Bharat Jodo’ is too obtuse as there is an indication that there is no other prominent leader who could possibly lead the yatra or the party.

Kritika Thakur, Rajpura

Restrict semi-trailers

Reference to “For Your Good”; no semi-trailer trucks loaded with fodder, sugarcane, turi, etc., shall be permitted to operate on GT Road from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. In addition, no semi-trailer trucks should be allowed on the road from December 15 to January 31 because fog reduces visibility. Semi-trailer owners often do not use reflectors, which poses a serious danger. Tractors intended for agricultural purposes should not be used for commercial purposes. The license of semi-trailer drivers must be checked by the police. If they need training, efforts should be made to make them aware of traffic rules.

kk mittal, Bathinda

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